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Belt & Hose Replacement

Belts and hoses in Columbia, MD

You car is made up of thousands of parts working in unison to get you to your destination. This includes the automotive belts and hoses that carry fluids and control the operation of different parts throughout your vehicle. At Sparks Car Care, we specialize in belt and hose replacement and services. If you have a belt that slipped or need a new hose, call (410) 381-1670 or stop by our auto repair shop to schedule an appointment. 

    Heater Hose: Almost every vehicle with an internal combustion engine has a heater hose. This rubber hose exists primarily as a way to transfer coolant away from your engine to the heater core. Certain problems with your vehicle's performance can manifest if there's something wrong with the heater hoses. High mileage vehicles may have cracked heater hoses from time and use. These hoses aren't as structurally sound and may lead to coolant leaks. If the leak goes unchecked, it can eventually lead to your engine overheating. You'll want to get an old or damaged heater hose replaced to avoid this situation.

    Radiator Hose: Like your heater hose, the radiator hose is made of rubber and helps keep your engine temperature regulated. However, it has other purposes. Your radiator hose is connected to both the engine and the radiator, where carried coolant from the engine to the radiator. In time, you may end up with a cracked or collapsed radiator hose. Similar to the heater hose, this can lead to coolant leaks and ultimately an overheated engine.

    Timing Belt: The timing belt works with the engine, synchronizing the operation of the crankshaft and cam for smooth operation. While all belts and hoses are manufactured for durability, the it won't last forever. There are signs to watch out for when it's time to replace the timing belt. If your engine no longer turns over, for example, the cause could be a broken timing belt. If your engine is misfiring frequently, it could  also be due to the timing belt slipping. 

    Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt is a long belt that weaves in and out of engine accessories, like the A/C compressor, alternator, and water pump. Like the radiator and heater hoses, a damaged serpentine belt can lead to the engine overheating. It can also lead to problems with the A/C system and power steering. In some cases, your serpentine belt might slip and simply need realignment. If it's damaged however, you'll need a replacement.

If you're having problems or need replacement services performed, reach out to our team today. We proudly serve Columbia, MD, Elkridge, MD, Ellicott City, MD, and surrounding areas.

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